Michele Keilman

Pilot, Flight Instructor and Designated Pilot Examiner

Cell:  813-417-8910 

Consulting Services

Michele started a flight school in a town of only 5,000 people at the age of twenty three.  She was told by most she was wasting her time and money.  However, in less than a year, she was not only doing well, her business was making a fifty five percent return.  Michele expanded the school to multiple locations, withdrew from the locations that didn’t work, turned her Part 61 school into a Part 141 school and applied for and received VA Benefits.  She also started a Part 135 Charter and applied for the SEVP to be added to her Part 141 school.  

Early on, Michele had decided to grow the school and sell it.  However, she enjoyed operating the business so much, it was never a priority.  In 2014, she decided to market the school for sale.  The business never had to go ‘on the market’ one of her customers jumped at the opportunity to own the school.  Michele sold the school and was immediately hired to consult for several struggling schools.  She worked hand-in-hand with the owners and operators and helped them turn their struggling schools into money making machines.

Michele has expert knowledge in accounting, marketing and advertising.  Step #1 is always stop the money leak.  Step #2 is reduce your expenses.  Step #3 is to structure a business plan that will work for your situation.  Step #4 is to recall old contacts and encourage them to return for more training.  The remaining steps are about bringing in new business, setting up the management of your team and tweaking the original business plan.

Michele has always had a niche for understanding the problem areas of businesses.  If you would like a confidential consultation, call, text or email anytime to get more information and she will put together a custom plan and estimate for your business.

Need help turning your Part 61 school into a Part 141?  Do you want to use your own curriculum?  Are you looking to start a Part 135?  Michele can help!  Call, text or email for more information.

Michele Keilman  -  2021. -  Updated 10/19/2021